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Solutions focused on Mindset

Our first set of offerings have to do with addressing people and the thought processes that lead to a non-inclusive workplace. We take a top-down approach starting from from the executives to the staff.

Clapping Audience

Executive DEI Retreat

Uncovers executive bias, provides DEI business case, and creates strategy to counteract bias


-Full or Multi-Day retreat

-Discuss business case for DEI

-Open discussion on their biases based on psychology and lean six sigma



Cultivates staff buy-in and improves staff moral. Can be done for all size crowds from small departments to large conferences.

Topics include:

-DEI For All: Demystifying DEI for Non-Minority Staff *

-The Process of DEI **

-DEI and Your Bottomline **

-Pivoting: Leaving Medicine and Finding Purpose **

*Suggested for department to company-wide speaking engagements

**Suggested for conference speaking engagements

Judo Belts

DEI Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training

An action-based alternative to implicit bias or other DEI trainings, enhances staff buy-in, and provides a real-world, useful certification with skills that are helpful in multiple other business process.


-Introductory lean six sigma training with a DEI focus

-Very engaging and includes multiple activities

-Easy to understand for every education level

-A Real-World Certification to bolster both resumes and skillsets

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