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Staff-focused consulting

Solutions focused on your people

Our first set of offerings have to do with addressing people and the thought processes that lead to a non-inclusive workplace. We take a top-down approach starting from from the executives to the staff.

Medical Specialists

Introducing Staff-Focused Consulting, the revolutionary Human Resource services that tackles operating margin and employee engagement headaches from every angle. Our certified Lean Six Sigma and DEI experts use data-driven decisions and interactive training to create an environment of success. 


At The Clinic Doctor, we work hard to exceed your expectations in every project. We use Lean Six Sigma to develop groundbreaking solutions for optimized labor costs, improved operating margins, higher employee engagement, and reduced attrition. With our focus on results, you only pay for results achieved- making the most of your budget and time resources. 


From interactive workshops with leadership training to turnkey solutions focused on performance metrics, our team is here for you. We measure results based on key stakeholder needs such as enhanced customer service and patient experience in healthcare settings or increased sales force efficiency. The approaches we take are tailored to each unique client – developed by a diverse range of experts who understand your industry challenges. 


Staff-Focused Consulting exists to help HR professionals, Chief Nursing Officers, CFOs, and other leaders get the very best out of their team while achieving desired outcomes – all while reducing risks through better-informed decision-making processes. Contact us today to start seeing outstanding results from your teams!

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