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Venise Henry RN

Chief Nursing Officer, Creative Lead

Nursing, Contract Staff Relations

About Venise

Venise Henry is a highly experienced Oncology Certified Registered Nurse, currently serving as the Chief Nursing Officer and Creative Lead at The Clinic Doctor. With over 30 years of experience in various healthcare settings, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of patient care to her role.

Adding to Ms. Henry's already extensive expertise within the field of nursing, it's important to note that she's spent over half of her career working as a travel registered nurse. This has given her a unique perspective on the healthcare industry and a wealth of knowledge on the common problems facing hospitals across the United States. It also provides insight on the value of DEI within different healthcare settings. She has served in diverse environments across the country, from prestigious hospitals like Cedars-Sinai to smaller, rural acute care facilities, to home health, and ambulatory care spaces. Her assignments have taken her to communities that are majority Black, majority Hispanic, majority Filipino, and majority White. This wide-ranging experience has exposed her to varying cultural norms, patient populations, and healthcare practices.

It has also revealed some of the darker aspects of the profession. Venise has witnessed and personally experienced many instances of discrimination, bias, and hostile work environments throughout her career. However, rather than let these instances discourage her, she now uses them as the impetus to fuel her work at The Clinic Doctor and ultimately change the field for others coming behind her.

In her current role at The Clinic Doctor, Venise combines her vast nursing expertise with innovative thinking to improve patient care and operational efficiency. Ultimately, Nurse Henry's diverse experience, leadership skills, and creative approach make her an invaluable asset in any healthcare setting. However, it's her unwavering dedication to patient care and passion for creating positive work environments for all that's most indicative of what we stand for here at The Clinic Doctor.

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